About Us

Tvoop.com is a live streaming website, enabling anyone with a computer and internet connection to easily broadcast any event to a global audience of unlimited size. Users may simply create their own channel public, private or pay-per-view (PPV) channel on tvoop.com and start broadcasting their event. Users of www.tvoop.com may also upload their videos to their channels and share them with the world. Along with this feature, users may also offer these uploaded videos and/or any recorded live streaming sessions on a pay-per-view basis and start generating revenue. These videos may be stored online for as long as the users wish as pay-per-view, video-on-demand (VOD). Viewers may pay the required fee through PayPal and enjoy these videos. This feature is developed with anyone in mind, who would like to monetize on their self-made videos and/or recordings of their live streaming, which becomes available immediately after the live streaming is over. This feature enables individual as well as institutional broadcasters to independently, easily and quickly generate revenue.

Tvoop has expanded its operations and offers full service live streaming services to businesses, educational and religious institutions, and conference organizers. Tvoop's full service plans include all necessary technology, audio-visual equipment and manpower to provide for a “full service” and “worry free” experience. Tvoop.com's “Pay-per-view” feature, enables the broadcasters to generate revenue and coupled with the “geo-physical restriction” feature, Tvoop.com's users have the option to restrict viewing of their shows in certain regions and/or authorize only certain regions to view their channels. This allows broadcasters with live performances in a certain venue to expand their audience base all over the internet world, while encouraging viewers in close proximity to personally attend the show. Through strategic alliance with leaders in “Content Delivery”, Tvoop.com is in the position to offer the best quality live streaming at the highest speed. In a world full of pre-recorded, static video, tvoop.com provides a dynamic live social experience, while creating an opportunity for its broadcasters to generate revenue.